• predeterminer/determiner
  • pronoun



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She’s such an intelligent woman.

Such men are dangerous.
We’ve had such awful weather lately.


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Such is the context for Mr Trump’s unveiling of his long-awaited peace plan with Mr Netanyahu on January 28th

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They want a 10% pay raise – such is the scale of their latest demand.


of the type


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Why did this tragedy happen here and now? Such questions are easier to ask than to answer.



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She’s such a nice person.

How can anyone live on such a small salary?

He has always had such compassion and such concern for others.

If it’s such a secret, why did you tell me?

to say a particular situation which causes the result


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such ~ that … ~なので…だ
He speaks to me in such a way that I always feel he is insulting me.

~ such that … ~なので…だ
Their relationship was such that they spent every possible minute together.

such ~ that … suchが~ので…だ
Such was Crowther’s reputation in the city that no one ever questioned his judgment.

~ such as to … ~なので…だ
The countess’s treatment of her servants was such as to cause great resentment.

S be such as to ~

「Sが~の原因となっている」フレーズなので細かい事を気にせずに覚える。但しsuch as toとかもはや年寄りが使うような表現で現代ではあまり使われない。上記の例文をsuch as toを使わずに書き換えるなら次のようになる。

The countess’s treatment of her servants was of a kind that causes great resentment.

The countess’s treatment of her servants was such (treatment), as a result, it causes great resentment.

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