TOEIC 800 からやり直す文法まとめ


SV + O0 + O1

  • o0 : 間接目的語 (=indirect object)、o1 の受取人の事
    • to whom/for whom で問う
    • 最近は what/who を文頭に使い文末に to/for を残す方が主流
    • 例文:Who did you give a book to?
  • o1 : 直接目的語 (=direct object)、動詞のアクションを受けるオブジェクトの事(=「~を」の~に相当する)
    • what/who で問う
    • 例文: What did you give him?

参考:whom の歴史についての議論
参考:collins indirect object
参考:indirect object/direct object
参考:indirect object を問うとき
参考:youtube – SVO1O2 は SVO2 prop O1 に置き換えられる

SVOO の文型を取る動詞

indirect object が取れる動詞は大体決まっている。

参考:bbc question

for + indirect object に置き換えられる動詞

book, build, buy, catch, choose, cook, find, get, make, order, peel, pour, save

  • He poured me a drink.
  • She found me my purse.
  • She found suitable accommodation for French tourists.
  • She found French tourists suitable accommodation.
  • I peeled her an orange.
  • Can I get you a drink?
    • get : to go somewhere and bring back someone or something
  • He built me a boat.
  • A contractor built me a house.
  • I chose Luis a present.
    • choose – chose – chosen
    • to decide what you want from two or more things or possibilities

to + indirect object に置き換えられる動詞

award, give, grant, hand, lend, offer, owe, tell, promise, pass, show, teach, throw

  • He handed me a four-page form.
    • hand : to put something into someone’s hand from your own hand
  • He handed a four-page form to everybody who had applied for early retirement.
  • She told them a story about the children who had got lost in the maze.
  • She told lies about her background to everyone at work.
  • He lent me his pen.

for/to + indirect object に置き換えられる動詞

bring, leave, pay, play, post, read, send, sing, take, write

  • I haven’t got my glasses. Will you read me the letter?
  • I haven’t got my glasses. Will you read it out for me?
  • I haven’t got my glasses. Will you read it out to me?

prop + indirect object に置き換えられない動詞

allow, ask, cost, deny, envy, forgive, permit, refuse

  • You have asked me a difficult question which I cannot answer.
  • It cost them a lot of money.
  • I envy you your large detached house in the country.
  • I haven’t got my glasses. Will you read it out for me?


  • You have asked a difficult question to me which I cannot answer.
  • It cost a lot of money to them.
  • I envy your large detached house in the country for you.


for + indirect 系

  • 彼は私に飲み物を注いでくれました
  • 彼女は私に財布を見つけてくれました
  • 彼女はフランスの旅行客に最適な宿泊施設を見つけました
  • 私は彼女にオレンジを剥きました
  • 飲み物を持ってきましょうか?
  • 彼は私にボートを作ってくれた
  • 請負業者は私に家を作ってくれた
  • 私はルイスにプレゼントを選んだ


  • 父は私に時計を買ってくれた
  • 彼は誰に時計を買ってあげたのですか?
  • 彼は何を父に買ってあげたのですか?
  • ヘレンは彼女のアルバムを私に見せてくれた
  • ヘレンはあなたに何を見せてくれましたか?
  • ヘレンは誰にアルバムを見せましたか?


  • My father bought me a watch.
  • Who did he buy a watch for?
  • What did he buy his father? : youtube example
  • Helen showed me her album.
  • What did Helen show you?
  • Who did Helen show her album to?