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America’s presidential election


With the economy roaring and his approval ratings ticking up, Mr Trump looks likelier than ever to triumph in November.

TODO: 付帯状況だと思うけど一応調べる。

文頭 Compare that ~の構文が分からない

Compare that with the Democrats after Iowa, in which no candidate won the backing of much more than a quarter of caucusers.

  • 原型不定詞?

eke out

But their champions, now trudging round New Hampshire eking out votes before next week’s primary (see article), are starkly divided over what to offer Americans in his place.


have the better of/get he better of
on every count

But on every count the repairers have the better of the argument.


印象的な – striking

It is striking that all of the plausible nominees are campaigning to the left of President Barack Obama in 2012 and Hillary Clinton in 2016 (see Briefing).

野心的な – ambitious

They all have ambitious plans on climate change;


This is partly a matter of degree, as health policy shows.

by contrast – それに反して

Mr Sanders and Ms Warren, by contrast, would nationalise health insurance, revolutionising health care, a $3.8trn business accounting for 18% of GDP and which employs 16.6m people.

運命づけられている – be condemned to ~

They are condemned to try to make it work, not demonstrate that it cannot.

concern ~に関係する

The last misconception, and the most important, concerns the substance of what the radicals would like to achieve.

abolish Vt.o. ~を破壊する

If she had her way, the state would break up, abolish or impose fresh regulations on about half of the firms owned by shareholders or private-equity groups.

thriving businesses/invigorate/cruetly


Just as thriving businesses at their best invigorate and enrich, so government at its worst can be capable of heartless cruelty and indifference.

DeepL 訳:繁栄した企業が最高の状態では活力を与え、豊かにするように、政府が最悪の状態では無慈悲な残虐行為や無関心に陥る可能性があります。


– Unemployment is as low as it has been since the mid-1960s.
– Nominal wages in the lowest quartile of the income scale are growing by 4.6%.
– Americans are more optimistic about their own finances than they have been since 1999.

consensus – 大多数の意見、世論

finding a voting system that rewards consensus, not partisanship.

exhausting – 心身を疲れさせる

For that, national politics needs to become boring again, not to be an exhausting, outrage-spewing fight between Mr Trump and the most extreme candidate the Democratic Party can muster.

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