even の用法のまとめです。


even 単体では adv の用法しかありません。意味は何か驚いた事、予期しない事、普通でなかったり極端である事を表現する時に使用します。

He didn’t even have enough money to pay the rent.

You love me, even after the terrible things I’ve done?

even は adv ですので文全体を修飾する時は普通の adv と同じ位置に置かれます。

You can take an online course now and you even do the test online.

I haven’t even started making dinner.

It’s a really useful book if you’re interested in cameras. There’s even a chapter on buying second-hand ones.


Even a five-year-old can see that these figures don’t add up.

They came in cars, in lorries, and even an aeroplane.

[talking about a local swimming pool]

It’s not usually too busy. Not even at weekends.

informal な会話では even が文末に持ってこられる事もあります。


It is six years since U2 played in Belfast in 1987 on their world-conquering Joshua Tree tour. Since then they have become even bigger and richer, and their concerts even more popular.

Frank played well last season and this season he has played even better.

even と also のニュアンスの違い

even, also 共に adv です。even の場合は強調や、追加の情報を「驚きや予期しない事」に追加します。

Human beings, we are told, will live for 150, even 200 years, by the end of the century.

also は単に新しい情報を淡々と追加します。

She was a very beautiful girl. She was also very bright and excelled at everything she did.

even if と even though の表現

even は if/though 等の接続詞を修飾する用法があります。even though で事実とは反する事を導きます。although と同意ですが even though の方がより強調したニュアンスがあります。

I think they’re fantastic, even though they haven’t won any games this season.

even if では可能性のある予期しない事や極端なイベントを導く時に使います。

I’m still going to go swimming in the sea even if it rains. (I don’t expect rain but it is possible.)

even when という用法も出てきた事があります。

Even when they are away conductiong business, members of the sales team are usually available by e-mail.

引用: 公式問題集新形式対応 Test2 118.

even so

however/nevertheless とほぼ同意で対比を表します。even so は節の先頭に配置されるのが一般的ですが文末に配置する事も可能です。また、but と一緒に使われる事もあります。

Their holiday went well but, even so, they longed to be home again with the children.

You do need your seatbelt on. Put it on please. I know it’s not very far, but even so. If we have an accident you’ll need it.

I know you don’t like her, but you should say hello to her even so.

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