among の意味を纏めます。


among は前置詞の用法しか無く明確に区別できない複数の物の集合である事を表現します。普通は名詞の複数形を伴います。

The ancient fountain was hidden among the trees. (surrounded by trees)

I’m not worried about her. She’s living among friends.

I think I’ve got that album among my boxes of CDs upstairs.

参考: cambridge among and amongst

参考:cambridge among

~の中の 1 つ

何かの囲まれている中の 1 つである事を表現する時に使います。この時は複数形の名詞を伴います。

She wanted to be among friends.

Among his books, we found some rare first editions.

参考:cambridge among

TOEIC テスト公式問題集新形式問題対応辺  Test1 123. より引用

He was ____ the outstanding candidates considered for the Thomas Award for exceptional police service

among others/among other things の用法

as well as と同意です。

Her parents, among others, were worried about her travelling alone.

Among other things, I still have to pack.


参考:cambridge among