R450 からやり直す英文法。other の用法を纏めておきます。


other 限定詞の用法

other の限定詞の用法で複数形(others )になることはありません。


  • 不可算名詞の単数形の限定詞
    The embassy website has general information about visas. Other travel information can be obtained by calling the freephone number.
  • 複数形の限定詞
    What other books by Charles Dickens have you read, apart from ‘Oliver Twist’?


このばあいは必ず他の限定詞を other の前に配置する必要があります


  • I don’t like the red one. I prefer the other colour.
    cf. 後述の the other + 可算名詞の単数形の用法
  • Jeremy is at university; our other son is still at school.
  • He got 100% in the final examination. No other student has ever achieved that.
  • There’s one other thing we need to discuss before we finish.

other 代名詞の用法

other を代名詞として使うばあいは、複数形(others)も存在します。


  • I’ll attach two photos to this email and I’ll send others tomorrow.

the other 限定詞の用法


2 つあるうちの 1 つを表すとき、または対になっているものの反対側を表します。


  • This computer here is new. The other computer is about five years old.
  • Well, the gift shop is on the other side of the street, directly opposite. (the opposite side)



  • Joel and Karen are here, but where are the other kids? (the remaining people in a group)
  • Where are the other two dinner plates? I can only find four. (the remaining things in a set – here six plates)

the other 代名詞の用法


  • He had his hat in one hand and a bunch of flowers in the other.
    NOTE: 既に述べている one hand に対して the other (hand) を表す
  • She has two kittens, one is black and the other is all white.

another 限定詞の用法

an + other が省略されて another になっています。つまり、other に不定冠詞 an がついた意味合いになり、one more, an additional or extra, alternative of different の意味があります。不定冠詞が付いているのと同義ですので、対象のものが不明瞭な場合に使用します。

an + other なので、可算名詞の単数形の限定詞として使われます。名詞の複数形の限定詞になることはありません。

  • Would you like another cup of coffee?
  • You’ve met Linda, but I have another sister who you haven’t met, called Margaret.
  • I don’t like this place. Is there another café around here we could go to? (alternative or different)

another 代名詞の用法


  • The applications are examined by one committee, then passed on to another.