be toについてです。自分が分かる様にここに整理します。

used for telling someone what to do/what should do


引用 – macmillan

You are to stay here until I send for you.

引用 – wikipedia – 中段 The be + to construction

I’m to report to the principal this afternoon. (duty)

引用 – The Economist – Not for Sale

But cutting prices to clear the shelves is a bad look for labels whose raison d’être is to exude exclusivity.

express near certainty


引用: BBC

A man is to appear in court later this morning charged with the murder of the footballer, Darren Gough.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry has announced that it is to move three thousand jobs out of the capital and re-locate them in the North East.

Work is to begin this week on the new bridge across the Nile north of Aswan.

引用: macmillan

The ceremony is to take place on the U.S.S. Missouri.

引用: ldoce

Audrey and Jimmy are to be married in June.

talking about precondition for something to happen

if節による条件節中で使い、条件を満たした時に発生する事をbe toで述べる。

引用: BBC

If we are to catch that train, we shall have to leave now.

If I were to increase my offer from five hundred to five hundred and fifty pounds, would you be interested in selling me your car then?

If we are to solve the world’s pollution problems, we must address environmental issues now.

引用 – macmillan

If we are to compete successfully in world markets, we must invest more money in education and training.

giving instructions or order or rule

be to + passive infinitiveで手順、手解きを説明する時に使う。薬のボトルや説明書などで使われることが多い。

引用: BBC

To be taken three times a day after meals.

These benches are not to be removed from the changing rooms.

No food of any kind is to be taken into the examination room.

引用: ldoce

You are to wait here in this room until I return.

All staff are to wear uniforms.

to say what should be done/to say what should happen

引用 – macmillan

You are to be congratulated on your wise decision.

引用 – macmillan

He isn’t to be blamed.

talk about current and future arrangements and events

be to + perfect infinitiveで予定されいたイベントが起こらなかったことを表す。

引用: BBC

He was to have appeared in the West End show but broke his collar bone during rehearsals.

They were to have picked strawberries this morning, but the torrential overnight rain made the field too muddy.

Sammy was to have married Sarah but then Jamie came along and the engagement ring he had given her was returned.

describing a situation that does not exist and is not likely to exist

if節中でwere toを使い起こり得ない事を言う時に使う。

引用: BBC

If your son were to die before you, the property would be divided among your grandchildren.