引用 – Newsy – What Are People Actually Watching During The Pandemic?

“I’m also trying to take time away from TV, because I find no matter what I’m watching, if I’m watching it for seven to eight hours straight, I certainly get a little crazy.”

no matter ~ は it doesn’t matter の省略形で節が 2 つある場合に接続詞として機能します。節が 1 つの場合は it doesn’t matter が使われます。通常、what, when, where, which, who, how を伴い「やってみた所で変えられない状況」を表現します。

例文 – 引用 Cambridge

No matter what I wear, I always feel dull and old-fashioned.

No matter where she looked, she could not find the missing paper.

He never answers emails, no matter how many you send him.

A: There are three phone numbers here for the tax office. Which one do I call?
B: It doesn’t matter which one you use. Not: No matter which one you use.

例 – 創作

No matter who I asked, the answer was always the same.

no matter の用法では if は使えず it doesn’t matter を使用する。

例文 – 引用 Cambridge

It doesn’t matter if you wear a smart suit, they still won’t let you in without a tie.