• It is important that you play tennis. この文で that 以下に完全な文を取れる理由が分からない。
  • that は省略できます。
  • The fact that it’s raining is annoying.

that-clause とは?

that 直前の noun/adj と that 以下の節を接続する接続詞です。従属節を導く接続詞と言えます。接続詞なので that 以下は完全な文章になります。

We use that as a conjunction to link a verb, adjective or noun with the following clause.


意見や感想を言う時に adj + that-clause を使う

  • It’s important (that) we look at the problem in more detail.
  • They were afraid (that) we were going to be late.


確実性のある意見や感想を言う時に noun + that-clause を使う

belief, fact, hope, idea, possibility, suggestion, statement, claim, comment, argument

  • He is also having intensive treatment in the hope that he will be able to train on Friday.
  • Dutch police are investigating the possibility that a bomb was planted on the jet.